Discography - Soundtracks

Track name shown in brackets along with year of release and flag indicating releases available on import only to the UK.

A Matter of Degrees Soundtrack (Stove - 1991 )
Amongst Friends Soundtrack (It's A Shame About Ray - 1994 )
Catwalk Soundtrack (It's About Time - 1994 )
Burnzy's Last Call (Baby You're A Drag)
My So Called Life Soundtrack (Dawn Can't Decide -1995)
Empire Records Soundtrack (Ballad of El Goodo -1995)
There's Something About Mary Soundtrack (If I Could Talk I'd Tell You - 1996)
Heavy Soundtrack (Frying Pan, Hot Coals, How Much I've Lied - 1997)
Other Sister Soundtrack (Mrs. Robinson -1999)
Tao of Steve Soundtrack 2000 (Outdoor Type - 2000 )
Grand Theft Parsons Soundtrack (Brass Buttons/How Much I've Lied - 2004)
Friends Party Pack (Into Your Arms - 2004)
Just Friends (Into Your Arms - 2005)

Catch and Release (My Drug Buddy - 2007)

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