Article by GR

from Sky Magazine June 1994


As if Evan Dando's bad-hair phase wasn't enough to contend with, the ditsy Lemon-hunk is now the victim of a spiteful (and totally hilarious) new fanzine that goes by the no-bullshit name of Die Evan Dando, Die. Almost as bitchy as last year's anti-Shannon Doherty I Hate Brenda newsletter, DEDD features an annual readers' poll ("How would you rate Evan Dando? Pretty full crap, relatively full of crap or totally full of crap?"), a Bands-That-Are-So-Much-Better-Than-The-Lemonheads-It-Ain't-Funny feature and, the highlight, a rejected-names-for-this-publication list - (possibles included I Want to See Evan Dando's Head On A Post magazine, the Evan, Shut Yr Stinkin' Head zine and, best of all the I'm A Dando, He's A Dando, She's A Dando, We're All Dandoes, Wouldn't You Like To Be An Asshole Too? magazine). There's also no shortage of references to the oh-so-sensitive singer's famously girly opinions like: "I would hope to be more like a woman than a man actually. Men have proved they really can't get it together, they can't be cool." "We're not saying he just bashes men to try to get women to sleep with him," says DEDD creator Jeff Fox (just a mite jealous, do we think?), "but, let's face it, he probably does."


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