Released 2003


  1. Repeat
  2. My Idea
  3. Rancho Santa Fe
  4. Waking Up
  5. Hard Drive
  6. Shots is Fired
  7. It Looks Like You
  8. The Same Thing You Thought Hard About, is the Same Part I Can Live Without
  9. Why Do You Do This to Yourself?
  10. All My Life
  11. Stop My Head
  12. In The Grass All Wine-Colored



Track 1 - Evan Dando (vocals/guitar), Jon Brion (vocals/all other instruments)
Track 2 - Evan Dando (vocals/acoustic guitar), Chris Brokaw (drums/guitars/percussion), Royston Langdon (bass guitar), C. Jackson (Mitchell fishing reel)
Track 3 - Evan Dando (vocals/guitars/tambourine/snare drum/second Hammond solo/piano), Royston Langdon (bass guitar), A. Johnson (drums), Chris Brokaw (guitars/first Hammond solo) 
Track 4 - Evan Dando (vocals/guitar/drums/clapping), Royston Langdon (piano/vocals/bass guitar/clapping)
Track 5 - Evan Dando (vocals/guitar/space echo/giraffe tambourine), J. Convertino (drums), Joey Burns (double bass), Bryce Goggin (piano), Howe Gelb (bleeding guitar lick)
Track 6 - Evan Dando (vocals/acoustic guitar/piano)
Track 7 - Evan Dando (vocals/guitar), Jon Brion (vocals/all other instruments)
Track 8 - Evan Dando (vocals/all other instuments), Royston Langdon (bass guitar), A.Johnson (drums), Chris Brokaw (guitars)
Track 9 - Evan Dando (vocals/guitar), Jon Brion (marxophone)
Track 10 - Evan Dando (vocals/bass/guitars/piano), Sim Cain (drums), Bryce Goggin (piano)
Track 11 - Evan Dando (vocals/guitars/whistling), Jon Brion (vocals/all other instruments) 
Track 12 - Evan Dando (vocals/acoustic guitar), J.Convertino (drums), Joey Burns (double bass/vocals), Howe Gelb (Casio/electric guitar/vocals)

Produced by:

Tracks 1, 7, 9 & 11 - Jon Brion, assisted by Tom Biller at Sage and Sound, LA; Second Engineer Errin Familia.
Tracks 2, 3, 4, 8 & 10- Bryce Goggin, assisted by Nicholas Marantz at Trout Studio, Brooklyn.
Tracks 5 & 12- Recorded live by Craig Schumacher and Nick Luca at Wavelab, Tocson, AZ. Additional recording and production by Bryce Goggin at Trout Studio, Brooklyn.
Track 6 - Recorded by by Tom Biller at Sage and Sound, LA


Label: Breath of Salt Water Records (UK), Bar-None (US)

Highest UK Chart Position: 30 (29 March 2003)

Weeks on UK Album Chart: 1

Highest US Billboard Position: 27 (Top Independent Albums chart)


Japanese inlay feat lyrics in English and Japanese
PDF format