Released 1996


  1. It’s All True
  2. If I Could Talk I’d Tell You
  3. Break Me
  4. Hospital
  5. The Outdoor Type
  6. Losing Your Mind
  7. Something’s Missing
  8. Knoxville Girl
  9. 6ix
  10. C’mon Daddy
  11. One More Time
  12. Tenderfoot
  13. Secular Rockulidge



Evan Dando - Lead Vocals/guitar/percussion/piano/bass/Toilet Moog/drums (on Tenderfoot)
Bill Gibson - Bass/guitar/tambo/backing vocals
Patrick Murphy - Timekeeper
Dina Waxman - Bass
Kenny Lyon (The Chief) - Guitar/claps/"kept out minnows"
Rich Gilbert - Pedal steel
Royston Langdon - Piano/bass (on Tenderfoot)
Bryce Goggin - Vocals/Moog/organ/banging
Eric Luening - Whistles

Produced & Engineered by Bryce Goggin, assisted by Sue Kapa, recorded at Dreamland, Woodstock, NY. Mixed by Bryce Goggin, with Evan Dando, assisted by Paul Marconi at Bearsville, Woodstock, NY. Mastered by Scott Hall at Masterdisk.


Label: Tag Recordings (Atlantic)

Highest UK Chart Position: 28

Weeks on UK Album Chart: 2

Highest US Billboard Position: 130 (The Billboard 200)


Inlay feat lyrics in Japanese
PDF format