Released 1994


  1. The Great Big No
  2. Into Your Arms
  3. It’s About Time
  4. Down About It
  5. Paid To Smile
  6. Big Gay Heart
  7. Style
  8. Rest Assured
  9. Dawn Can’t Decide
  10. I’ll Do It Anyway
  11. Rick James Style
  12. Being Around
  13. Favorite T
  14. You Can Take it With You
  15. The Jello Fund



Evan Dando - Vocals/guitar/piano
David Ryan - Drums
Nic Dalton - Bass/Vocals (on Dawn Can't Decide)
Juliana Hatfield - Vocals
Belinda Carlisle - Vocals (on I'll Do It Anyway)
Rick James - Vocals (on Rick James Style)
Sneaky Pete - Pedal Steel Guitar (on Being Around & Big Gay Heart)
Tom Morgan - "Guidance Counselor" (on You Can Take It With You)


Produced, mixed and engineered by: The Robb Brothers and Evan Dando.Label: Atlantic

Highest UK Chart Position: 5

Weeks on UK Album Chart: 14

Highest US Billboard Position: 56 (The Billboard 200)