Interview with Evan Dando by Andy Roberts & Suzanne Hutchinson

at Leeds Festival August 2001


Did you enjoy tonight? 
Tonight was way better than last night. Last night the amp was a screeching mess.

Is that it for The Lemonheads? 
Well we called ourselves ’Rebel Crew 2001’ tonight! It changes a lot. The Lemonheads – that’s had it’s day. After all we started The Lemonheads in High School.

You still in touch with Juliana Hatfield? 
Of course, I stayed in her apartment the other night when she was away. She’s doin’ her thing. She……..I’m not going to gossip about her! She’s ‘playing music still’!

So what’s in the future? 
We’re looking to get some money and make a record. I want to make it with John Bryan ["Magnolias" Soundtrack]. We’ve got four tracks recorded already and we just need to get some money together to finish it.

Do you ever regret that NME interview when you were recovering from your dabbling with Crack? 
My manager shouldn’t have allowed that interview. The doctor said I couldn’t talk – so I wrote down the truth…and you should never tell journalists the truth!


This interview originally transcribed by Robert Crosbie