Interview with Evan Dando

From NME January 2001


In his first UK interview for four years, ex-LEMONHEADS frontman EVAN DANDO has revealed to NME.COM that he intends to return with a new album titled 'IS THE GRASS ALL WINE COLOURED' once he secures a new record deal.

The singer also scotched persistent rumours that he's been seriously ill, and in a rare interview last week, Dando admitted that the rumours had come back to him. He said: "I have heard that a lot over the years, I was even sitting in a cafe when I heard some people talking about my demise!

"I'm feeling great, really good. I have been living in New York for a while now, I just moved downtown near Wall Street - I have been walking close to the building in case of the crash - it's coming."

Dando joked he'd spent the last few years "doing monitors for Enya", but the reality is he has been recording a covers album of country songs, working with his long-time friends the Blake Babies and Ben Lee as well as laying down tracks for his new album.

When asked if the Lemonheads still existed, Dando replied, "No, they never really did", before enthusing about his new material, describing it as "more groovy and natural-sounding". He added: "It will be better, more relaxed. I guess I am happier with it than anything I have done before. "I will be playing in Philadelphia and New York in early February with the two Bens [Lee and Kweller from Radish]. I have toured with Ben Lee in the past, we just get in his Volvo and drive.

Describing Dando's new material, a spokesperson for the singer said: "The songs I have heard are more reflective and are the best songs he has ever recorded. One song, 'All My Life', may be a single it's a beautiful song - gives you goose bumps. I saw him in December he looked great and was very excited about playing in the UK again."


This interview originally transcribed by Robert Crosbie