Released 2008


  1. Rockin’ Stroll
  2. Confetti
  3. It’s a Shame About Ray
  4. Rudderless
  5. My Drug Buddy
  6. The Turnpike Down
  7. Bit Part
  8. Alison’s Starting To Happen
  9. Hannah and Gabi
  10. Kitchen
  11. Ceiling Fan in my Spoon
  12. Frank Mills
  13. Mrs. Robinson
  14. Shaky Ground
  15. It's A Shame About Ray (demo)
  16. Rockin Stroll (demo)
  17. My Drug Buddy (demo)
  18. Hannah & Gabi (demo)
  19. KItchen (demo)
  20. Bit Part (demo)
  21. Rudderless (demo)
  22. Ceiling Fan In My Spoon (demo)
  23. Confetti (demo)

DVD Track LIsting

Two Weeks In Australia, featuring:

  1. It’s a Shame About Ray (music video)
  2. Ride With Me (live)
  3. Mrs. Robinson (music video)
  4. Alison's Starting To Happen (live)
  5. Hannah & Gabi (music video)
  6. Half The Time (music video)
  7. Rockin Stroll (music video)
  8. Confetti (music video)
  9. It's About TIme (live)
  10. My Drug Buddy (music video)



Evan Dando - Vocals/guitar
David Ryan - Drums
Juliana Hatfield - Bass/backing vocals
The Shameless One - "Ooo-eee-ooo" (on Alison's Starting To Happen)


Produced by the Robb Brothers and Evan Dando. Engineered by Dee Robb, Bruce Robb and Joe Robb. Assistant Engineer Bill Smith. Additional Assistant Engineering by Scott Ralston. Recorded and mixed at Cherokee Studios, LA. Mastered at the Mastering Lab, Hollywood, CA.


Label: Rhino

Highest UK Chart Position: n/a

Weeks on UK Album Chart: n/a

Highest US Billboard Position: n/a